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 Full Circle   Gatherings


Ancestral Lineage Healing

Yoga and Embodiment 

      River Stays


Ancestral Lineage Healing

Our blood, our bones, our cells are all formed from the lives and stories of our ancestors.  Ritual connection with our people harmonizes us with all people, all cultures, and all beings into remembered co-existence.  Healing our people heals the world, while connecting us to our unique soul purpose and responsibilities.  This work is designed and taught by

Dr. Daniel Foor, of Ancestral Medicine.

I am a certified practitioner.

Yoga and Embodiment

Sensory presence is one of the great gifts of living in a body. 

Yoga is a beautiful portal into the depths of capacity we have for sensation. It infiltrates our porous bodies, hearts and spirits.  Yoga provides intelligent regulation of our nervous systems in a world that is full of both gifts & challenges.

I have lived and taught yoga since 1992 when full-time dancing needed to be balanced and anchored in deeply restorative and intelligent practices. 

River Stays
Full Circle Gatherings Place


Coming Soon!

Stay at our beautiful place overlooking the Greenbrier River with its 75 miles of well maintained rails-to-trails access in Renick, West Virginia. 

We have bikes, kayaks, and an outdoor yoga pavilion surrounded by undulating land.   These mountains and waters are home to eagles, hawks, river otters, fish and many kinds of trees to name just a bit of the abundant forms of life here.

Be embraced by the dark night sky and the immense presence of so many stars.

Meeting Life Together creates Full Circles


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